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Escondido Bail Bonds is here to help you get the bail bond you or a loved one needs to get out of jail in Oceanside, CA. Serving all of Oceanside, including zip codes 92003, 92049, 92051, 92052, 92054, 92056, 92057, and 92058, Escondido Bail Bonds will help you through the entire process and make sure it is as quick and easy as possible to get the cash you need for bail bonds.

You can call us at (760) 546-7777 24/7 for help with bail bonds in Oceanside.

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Who Sets Bail in Oceanside

The bail for each county is set according to a schedule that is posted at each jail facility and available in court. The judge will set a bail amount that can guarantee that a defendant will appear in court after they have been released. In some ways, posting bail could be considered a security deposit, meaning as long as the defendant shows up in court when scheduled, the bail will be returned.

How Much is Bail in Oceanside

To figure out how much bail will be required to get someone released from jail, you can complete the felony bail worksheet found here.

Here are several steps to follow:

  • List all of the offenses a defendant is being charged with.
  • Find the charge with the highest bail schedule amount.
  • If the arrestee is charged with more than one offense, on separate dates or against separate victims, list the amounts of the bail required for those charges and add them to the original charge.
  • Next, find if there are any enhancements that will require additional bail. Enhancements include things like:
    • Gang-related offenses
    • Offenses committed with a weapon
    • Does the defendant have any prior convictions?
    • Has the arrestee been in prison during the past five years?
    • Is the victim under 15 or over 65?
  • After finding all base charges and all enhancements, add all of these amounts together to find the total amount of bail that will be required to bail you or someone out of jail.
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We offer free initial bail bond information, including free arrest warrant searches, court date reminders, and flexible affordable payment plans. Plus we are the cheapest and most trusted bail bonds service in Oceanside, so you can be confident that you’re getting the help you need with your bail bond in Oceanside.

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Oceanside Jail Bail Bonds

If you are arrested by an Oceanside police officer you will be taken to the Oceanside Jail. The Oceanside jail is a medium security city jail facility.

It functions as the holding facility for the Oceanside Police Department and other agencies within the judicial district of San Diego County. The City jail is a locally operated short-term facility that holds inmates that are waiting for trial or sentencing or both, as well as inmates sentenced to a term of less than one year. Most inmates not condemned to penalty or punishment could qualify for bail. For fast and easy Oceanside Bail Bonds, call Escondido Bail Bonds at (760) 546-7777 today!

If someone you know has been arrested in Oceanside, you can confirm that they are in the Oceanside Jail facility by checking the inmate locator.

Arrested in Oceanside, CA

If you or a loved one are arrested in Oceanside, CA, it might be a stressful experience. Anyone arrested in Oceanside will be taken to the Oceanside Jail at 3855 Mission Avenue and held there until you post bail, released on your own recognizance, or stand trial.

If you are arrested, remember:

  • Cooperate with police officers, physically. Don’t resist them, even if they feel the need to restrain you.
  • Speak as calmly as possible, if you choose to answer their questions.
  • Don’t speak to or yell at any other involved party.
  • Conduct yourself in a dignified way, allowing the officers to see that your behavior was only what was necessary.

If you are arrested in Oceanside, California, the arresting officer should inform you of your Miranda Rights:

You have the right to remain silent – They can’t make you talk, other than to provide your name, address, and some identification, upon their request.

Anything you say can be used against you – If you choose to talk to the authorities, the statements you make can be used against you in court.

You have the right to an attorney – You can ask to have an attorney present while they question you. If you ask for an attorney but continue to talk to the officers, while you wait for your attorney, the answers you give can still be used against you.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you – If you cannot afford to get an attorney, but would like to have one, the court will appoint an attorney for you, free of charge.

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Bail Bond Payment Plans in Oceanside

Escondido Bail Bonds offers a wide range of payment options. We will work with you to figure out what you can afford and help you get out of jail while you try to assemble the money to pay the bond premium. 

Escondido Bail Bonds offers fair and affordable payment plan options for those who qualify. Give us a call to get your application started now! 

Escondido Bail Bonds accepts most items of value as collateral for bail bonds, including:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Real Estate & more

Escondido Bail Bonds Bail Bonds is a company you can trust! We’ve worked in Oceanside, helping people bail out of jail, for many years. We’ll be here when you need them and offer all of the bail bond payment options that are legally available. If you need to get out of jail, you can count on Escondido Bail Bonds to be there for you. Just call  (760) 546-7777 for the cheapest bail bond company you can trust

Oceanside jail and court information

ADDRESS:3855 Mission Ave. in Oceanside, CA 92054

PHONE:(888) 224-5266

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What are Escondido Bail Bonds?

Escondido Bail Bonds are a service provided to individuals who have been arrested and are seeking to post bail in order to be released from custody in the Escondido area, which is in close proximity to Oceanside, CA. They involve a bail bond company providing a surety bond to the court on behalf of the defendant, guaranteeing that the defendant will appear in court as required.

Q: How do I get a bail bond in Oceanside for someone detained in Escondido?

You can contact a local bail bonds service that operates in Oceanside and is licensed to serve the Escondido area. They will guide you through the process, which typically includes providing information about the detainee, signing a bail bond agreement, and paying a fee.

Q: How much does it cost to get a bail bond?

In California, bail bond companies typically charge a premium of 10% of the full bail amount, which is set by the court. This premium is non-refundable, even if the case is dismissed after the defendant is released.

Q: Can I finance the bail bond premium?

Many bail bond companies offer financing plans. You would need to discuss the terms, interest rates, and eligibility with the bail bond service provider directly.

Q: What information do I need to provide to the bail bond agent?

You will generally need to provide the full name of the detainee, the jail where they are being held, their booking number, the charges, and the bail amount, if known. Additional information may be requested by the bail bonds agent to complete the process.

Q: How quickly can someone be released from jail using a bail bond?

The release process can vary, but once the bail bond is posted, release can sometimes happen within a few hours. However, it can take longer depending on the jail’s processes and how busy they are.

Q: What if the defendant doesn't show up for their court date?

If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond company will seek to locate the defendant and ensure they attend their court dates. If the defendant cannot be found, the person who signed the bail bond contract (the indemnitor) may be responsible for the full bail amount.

Q: Can I get my money back if the charges are dropped or the person is found not guilty?

The 10% premium paid for a bail bond is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the case. This fee compensates the bail bond agent for their services.

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Bail Bonds in Oceanside

Proudly Serving The Escondido Community And Surrounding Areas. Get The Cheapest Bail Bonds You Need in Oceanside.

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