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3 Questions A Bail Bondsman Will Ask You Upon Your First Call

So you or a loved one has landed in trouble with law enforcement and now is taken into custody. During the time of custody a bond will be set for your release if a bond payment is to be made.
Being arrested or having a loved one arrested is a difficult process that leads to pain and anguish for many parties including family. When you or a loved one is taken into custody one of the first steps is to call a bail company to release them from the county jail. Upon your first phone call we understand you may be confused and intimidated with the entire bail bonds process. You will be unsure of what information you need to provide in order for us to make moves for the release of yourself or a loved one. We will help you through the bail bond process as a top bail bonds business. We will answer the most sought after questions by most if not all bail bondsman.
Our Escondido Bail Bonds Agents are ready to take your phone calls and convert them into a release from jail. But you have to help us get there. And we will help you through the anxiety and the confusion from the three most asked questions we need in order to begin the process of removing you or a loved one from jail.

What Is The Full Name Of The Defendant?

A bail schedule will be set in which a judge will state the bond price for the defendant. Once the judge sets the bail you will then have the necessary information for us to start the process. To begin the process we first need the defendant’s full legal name. Often times do many people give us nicknames or maiden names when we need the most current legal name. It is extremely helpful if you can provide us with the defendants booking number, but it is not necessary. The goal is to provide the most information so we can speed the process in which they are released.

Where Is The Defendant Being Held?

Most likely the defendant will be held in a jail that is in the same county where the crime was committed. This normally makes it easier to find the defendant, however, there are instances when the defendant will be moved to another location based off of a few varying factors. Factors include the mental health of the defendant, their level of threat to other or others to the defendant, gang affiliations, and more. They will be placed at a location where it is safest. First, find the jurisdiction to where the defendant is. Often times you can find the defendant through an inmate locator. If not calling around through different sources can lead you to the defendant. First you must find the jurisdiction during your phone call with the defendant.

How Much Is The Bail Set For?

You should call us when you know how much the bail is set for. This is often the first thing you will find out by the judge who sets the bail. When we know the amount we can confirm and exercise the best option available to bond payment. The bond can be set at different levels due to a number of factors such as their level of threat to themselves or others, criminal history, and the probability of the defendant missing their court date. Even today courts are starting to use math and algorithms to determine the amount set on bail based on age and criminal history. The bail amount can also change and rise if new circumstances are found once the defendant is arrested by the police department. There will be times due to criminal history bail is waived all together.

Information regarding this first initial phone is crucial for the bail bondsman. If you do not have these answers, it’s okay! If more information is needed we will help work on finding the information needed to find them. There are moments we are able to located an inmates booking number even from a few bits of information.

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